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Remote Uploading


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Suppose i have an HTTP link of a file and a ftp server.

Is there any way to upload directly on FTP without downloading on local machine and uploading.

Means any way we can setup some script on server to fetch download automatically and upload to FTP.

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Teddy Rogers

You mean by using something similar to FXP transfers?


Both servers would need to support FXP transferring - if you can get FTP access on the HTTP server - for it to work. I don't know of another way... :dunno:


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no ted not like u said

like this one


You just have to provide a http link and it automatically uploads to its server without even using ur bandwidth.

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Is this FTP Server _yours_?

Meaning do you have tangable or remote access to it so you can install the FTPD that you prefer on it?

If so install RaidenFTPD and use its remote admin feature that can pull files off of servers/websites by giving it a direct URL for it to retrieve from, by sending a command from a ftp client, to the ftp server...for example..

syntax: site urlget level(s)%20allowed%20to%20execute%20:%20root,super,normal%20




ex%20:%20%5burl=http://www.somewhere.com/download/somefile.zip%5dhttp://www.somewhere.com/download/somefile.zip" target="_blank">

level(s) allowed to execute : root,super,normal

By sending this command by Ftp client to RaidenFTPD , the server will get the file in the



ex%20:%20%5burl=http://www.somewhere.com/download/somefile.zip%5dhttp://www.somewhere.com/download/somefile.zip" target="_blank"> to the ftp current directory , note that this operation is performed in the background , hence you can send multiple site urlget commands and the RaidenFTPD will manage to get them for you .



ex%20:%20%5burl=http://www.somewhere.com/download/somefile.zip%5dhttp://www.somewhere.com/download/somefile.zip" target="_blank"> can be in the following format


ex : http://www.somewhere.com/download/somefile.zip


ex : [url=ftp://ftp.somewhere.com/download/somefile.zip]ftp://ftp.somewhere.com/download/somefile.zip://http://www.somewhere.com/download/s...ad/somefile.zip


ex : [url=ftp://john:pass/ftp.somewhere.com:21/download/somefile.zip]ftp://john:pass/ftp.somewhere.com:21/download/somefile.zip://http://www.somewhere.com/download/s...ad/somefile.zip

Taken from: [url=http://www.raidenftpd.com/en/raiden-ftpd-doc/help-sitecmd.html]http://www.raidenftpd.com/en/raiden-ftpd-d...lp-sitecmd.html://http://www.somewhere.com/download/s...lp-sitecmd.html

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No hacking

I have direct download ink and its my ftp so i want to transfer file directly from http link to ftp.

The method which is commonly used is to download to local machine and then upload to ftp and i even mentioned it in my earlier post.

Human do not make useless assumptions without actually getting the meaning of the posts. If you have nothing worth to add do not post useless things.

Thanks Bone and Bad for the inputs

FTP is not mine but my friends and i have my login access to it. I will ask him to install FTPD. I think it looks it will surely help.

Thanks again


BONE i have login access to the ftp and i can see folders and files like .htaccess, .ftpquota etc...

while logging in it shows

Welcome to Pure-FTPd [TLS] ----------

[R] 220-You are user number 1 of 50 allowed.

[R] 220-Local time is now **:**. Server port: 21.

[R] 220-IPv6 connections are also welcome on this server

Do i have to install the raidenftpd server or something else. Pretty much new to it so any help is highly appreciated.

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Eh well if your using Pure then that means you are running *nix / bsd or something else non windows, RaidenFTPD is a windows based FTPD only.

So your only choice is to find a *nix based FTPD that supports this feature or install windows.

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Ohh.. :(

Actually server is not mine friend might have payed for the ftp server so i don't know. I will ask him to take the support from where he has taken the server...

Thanks for your help it really helped atleast to know that it is possible..

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its not useless, so far as you were telling it looked like you want to upload to hacked machine or hack it first.

and on remote ftp, if your friend bought it, probably he got shell, if not maybe he can execute programs.

and you can do in ftp client raw command


site exec wget http://www.sitename.com/filename.zip (this would have been sufficent)

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The way you overviewed what he said was way off human, so your comment was somewhat off base.

Also the URL you posted was not nessary, and you should have known that as well.

This topic is about to get closed.

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I don't want to get into unnecessary arguments with u Human.

Ted, Bone, Bad replied to this topic and nobody feel like it is something related to hacking because they got the meaning of the topic but you are the one.

Admins please lock this topic before it became a flame thread what i can see from edited text in above post that something have been edited which is not required.

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ok bone i dont want to argue, i assumed he knows how to do it. he started with not telling us that this ftp is his friend and he can give him shell or allow execute on ftp. without those only way is to exploit server and get shell,so undertaker sorry also next time write all info.

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