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Disturbed Keygen & Dup Skin


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Ok, I've had a few people ask me to do some band other than Iron Maiden, so here's one from Disturbed:

Keygen (PM me if you want to use it and I get you a link to the mouse over buttons)

screenshot removed

dUP skin screenshot

moved to downloads section

dUP files (resource, region, colors, and font)

moved to downloads section

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Oh! another great skin, always in cool designs, i hope i can do some cool stuff in PS like you, i'm using PS but can't do some cool gfx stuff... any recommendations to follow so i can do some cool gfx in PS.. :D


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@ aNtRoBs

I've been thinking about doing a few tutorials on the basics of using photoshop... I just need to find the time! Keep an eye out for them, cause eventually, I'll get them done.


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Oh! that's great Ecliptic, For me I think my status in PS is in #4 if we range it to (1 to 10) cause i know some basic in photoshop. I'm looking forward for your tutorials :thumbs: I'm very eager to see it :yahoo:



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