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Blue-ray Burner Released


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well the 1st burner was released...as you guys might know this thing is probably the future..can hold sick amount of data,etc,etc (media)

"The another huge step to change the history has been done. Hot new Pioneer BDR-101A Blu-ray burner is now available in some net eshops. This piece of hardware gives you the ability to write 25 GB of data on single disc. It will take something about 45 minutes. Anyway, the price isnt much user friendly yet, not many people have needless 1000 dollars to buy this internal E-IDE device. Pioneer is equiped with 8 MB buffer BD-R write, read and rewrite speed is all marked as 2x. You will probably need some medias for burning too, but the price is still high: one BD-R dics can be purchased for something between $25 and $50."

burner/media details here


hopefully dsl and all of that gets faster cause things are gonna be HUGE in the near future!!!

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Guest Hawk7

Wow... Well if and when the price of the device and the discs come down to earth. I might be interested. But it sounds pretty cool.

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Imho is is better to wait a little with burner buying bcz there are 2 standards for DVDs (blu-ray vs. HD-DVD) we will see in near future which one will become major standard or there are some 3rd party standards comming just now ?

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