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This is my 5th skin I made for SnD. Made this one yesterday in 10 minutes :) uploaded it today yesterday I was very tired :D Here it is:



^^^ Pressed buttons ^^^

Teh source (2 .psd files and 1 font):


Feel free to use any of my skins just dont forget the credits :rolleyes:

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I'm already going to use it... :D

Just give me some time to code it and finish the factorizing key... I said before that I'm not familiar creating RGN files but I have read some things last night and I got some missed points to get it to work.

I can't promise you a great looking template but I will try to keep as better as possible...

I'm going to sleep now but tomorrow at evening I'm backing to work... Then I release it.


p.s: very nice template... gr8 job again dude! ;)

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Check rlz page to see the final result... keygen template used in Arc DVD Copy keygen (snd-arcdvdcopy1.2.8.keygen.zip).

Hope it looks good! let me know what you think!


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The song is called "Hammock Power" and was composed by Carter... :P

I uploaded it for you:




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