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Microsoft's New Anti-piracy Technique....its A Rock!


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Hey Folks,

Im guessing you saw the title and are now sitting there going...erm what is he on??!

Seriously; I got to work this morning and noticed we had a little package from Microsoft,

Usually its just Junk about Vista; or new discounts for us.

This time it was a rock...yeh seriously A ROCK...with a note.

(Nope they didnt throw it threw the window!, although there would be some level of irony with that)

So after rolling about on the floor laughing I decided to read it; it seems they are going to

try to visit all PC retailers and check they are legit (oh **** lol).

I figure they just want us to stone all software pirates to death with it; who knows :P

Either way, download the images of 'The Rock' here and have a chuckle.

1024x768 (1.5mb):
2048x1536 (5mb):
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Maybe a 'leave no rock unturned' reference?

Interesting marketting method though... most expensive part is probably the postage!

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Teddy Rogers

They'll probably just end up going to another OS if they have to fork out mass numbers of licences because M$ is out to hound them...


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