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Could we make an oldskool intro/demo/crackto? If so what do we need? Its too bad, when I browe on pouet.net I see that the most groups make 3d demo's (wich i really hate I hate 3d). So could SND make oldskool demos (example a pixel skin, chiptune)? Sorry for my bad english.

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As you can see this is a crack forum and we bring to the scene cracks... Ok, we have a Demo Division where the ppl can show their capacities in all kind of art! But to make intros/demos/crackto you have to know how they are coded and I don't have sure if anyone here have idea how it is done! I have seen many intros/crackto coded in delphi and yeh, it's not the best language to put the hands on (I talk in my opinion).

So, as you can see, to make intros you must be a good coder and know how to code them.

It's my opinion but I will leave this open mind to someone who wants to put the hands on... ;)


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I hope there's some here how to code or make that crackto's, Is there any software to make that crackto's.?


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