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Swiftdog Gamehike Piracy Error

Guest Alfaholics

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Guest Alfaholics


I use a serial key for Gamehike and it resets pc and it gives this error(attached).It says we logged your ip.So what i must do?If they logged my ip they can find me also aren't they? Do you think i must buy the program ? I don'T want to buy it but i'm scared also from laws.I'm from Turkey.Did you use this app?Does it gives you that report ?I think it's not important and they used it to make people scared and maked them to buy the app.So what i must do?

Sorry for my bad english. :lol:


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dont worry they are not going to find you.

were u trying to reverse it??

if yes i think its not the right target for u (assuming u are new to RE)

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Guest Alfaholics

Also i forget to add i have dynamic ip so when i off/on my modem my ip changes so i think they can't find too.

What do u mean "RE"??

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They wont nothing do they just want to scare you. You shouldnt use serials for this app, on good cracks the

online check is removed.


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The serial (noted above) entered was not a series of random letters and numbers, but mechannicly created to intentionlly circumvent the copy protection.

I love that :P So a random serial should work then? :P

But jeez man, its $12. Just buy the damn softs :P

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