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hey all

does anybody know how to change a programs "start menu" option to something else to start??

(like a loader).

i know i can make the new shortcut into the start section but im talking about the start/all programs section..

hope that isnt confusing...

if not its no biggie..i just dont want to clutter up my desktop or my start section with icons.. :D

thanx all


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hope that isnt confusing...

I fear it's very confusing.

But after re-reading some times and if I understand what you mean : just rightclick the startmenu shortcut and choose properties

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Blah...it's confusing :P

What i thinks is you want to rename the program folder in start menu....Double click on the folder and window will open...go up and rename it to whatever you want........Or just right click on start button and choose explore...like

D:\Documents and Settings\Blah\Start Menu\Programs :P

Hope this one is waht you want

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thanx to both of you..it worked.. :D

what i did was basically right click the programs name/explore and put the new shortcut in there and deleted the old..

i gotz to learn so more basic pc stuff.. :dunno:

thanx all for your time..



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