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If you've been following 1UP's live blogged coverage of Sony's E3 press conference, you've already seen the news, and if you haven't...well, Sony finally announced the prices for PlayStation 3.

The next-generation console will come in two models -- but both will include a hard drive, unlike Xbox 360. The base model will retail at $499 with 20 GIG HD. Those with a little extra disposable cash can pick up a premium version loaded with a 60G GIG HD for $599 at launch this November.

As for launch dates, Sony says they will launch in Japan on November 11 and November 17 in the US, Europe and Australia.

Yikes, might have a wait extra long till the price drops to something more reasonable!

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damn thats pricey...ill wait till prices go down and theres a "scene" and a modchip (or something)...

it looks like this will be sonys main game app for the next few yrs...

i hope they keep producing ps2 games for awhile after this is released...

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