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The 10 Billion Pixel Image...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers
In today’s world, potential buyers of digital cameras fancy the most the number of pixels, their quantity being directly associated with a quality image.

So, those consumers who value the number of pixels more than optics and ergonomics will be glad to find out that Microsoft is trying the first 10 billion pixel photograph.

According to News.com, the image by Michael Cohen, a scientist at Microsoft Research, will try to combine high-resolution photography with regular one. Such an image will be able to show several square kilometers of a certain area, which will offer a completely different view compared to the satellite one.

It’s interesting to notice that the image Cohen aims to realize doesn’t require a special camera, but a very normal one. The method will involve capturing several images from different angles and combine them in a 3D manner.

As News.com writes, this process will also involve some corrections to be made, corrections which will compensate for the position of the sun and the clouds.


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I dont plan to download a picture two days. Anyway, to people today plan to make their vacation photos into billboards? Why'd anyone need all those pixels?

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you pretty much said it... billboards.. my bet would be the only people

who would use this format would be big business and rich people.

i'm perfectly happy with my 5.2 megapixel camera.

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Guest NLD2006

This is the almost the same situation as with intel's marketing strategy.

When a novice buyer walks into a pcshop and looks at the flyers/adverstisments he will think, "wow, that intel proc is way quicker because it has 1 ghz more than a Amd proc of the same price. Its not just the amount of mhz's that causes a procs performance. Why would you need a camera with xxxxxxmegapixel if it has a crappy display and an even worse lense if you can get a good camera with less megapixels and better quality?

-It's not all about the megapixels

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