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Crackerskit 2.0

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hello every one dudes ..they have any one tools of Crackerskit 2.0 cause im trying to intall the entire software of this installer they have they have found out virus if you any link of this or another installer of please post so that i can download..thanks :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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I'm afraid I can make very little sense of that... if you're saying that your virus checker is reporting the install file as a virus, then it is probably mistaken.

I think there are a number of packers/protectors in the package which some anti virus programs believe are virus (or riskware). Disable your antivirus (or specify exceptions) and you should be fine.

If that is not your issue then my apologies - please clarify and people here will try and help out. (If you are requesting the tools within the package then you are probably in the wrong forum)

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I know McAfee detects 2 exe files in the Cracker's Kit as having viruses - I can't remember exactly which ones. This may be because of the packer used or the "signature" of the file looks like a virus. As McAfee is giving a false detection, you need to disable On Access scanning during the install. You will also need to find a way to stop McAfee detecting these files later if you do a complete disk virus scan.

Apart from all this you still need to be sure to get the Cracker's Kit from a reliable source.

Hope this helps


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I think that the program "incriminated" it is Topo. However it is not dangerous. it is only packed as FaTaL_PrIdE says. bye

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The reason topo gets picked up as a virus is because code caves can be used by folks to hide viruses in exe's. If you ever use topo on an exe, be prepared to get a batch of bug reports because a lot of AV's will report cracked exe w/ code cave as a virus.

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