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damn, that's a lot of $h!T :lol: If you look close, you'll see there is some poor guys legs sticking out from under the dung. I didn't put them there, that's the way I found the picture. Apparently the animal was sick and let loose on it's trainer.

*Edit (by suggestion from Ted)

moved to downloads section

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ncie theme but SND is the s**t seems an insult for me

:lol: I thought the saying was common univerally.... I guess looking at it literally, it does sound like an insult. Here in the USA, it means "SND is awesome", or "SND is the best".... Don't take my work for it, here is the definition from an "urban" dictionary

(replace the **** with the bad word)

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Teddy Rogers

I think it would be better if you were to use the text, "cracks happen...", lol!

Funny picture though... :)


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Guest Hawk7

Very funny Ecliptic. But I think Ted's "cracks happen..." would fit it like a glove... ;)

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Nice template...

Anyway the expression '(name of the team) is the ****' was already used by other team (0day)! :D

Nothing against but in my opinion you could put other one!


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Teddy Rogers

I was contemplating suggesting between, "cracks happen", or "**** happens". Was not really sure which sounded better but I thought the double meaning seemed more appropriate...


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