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Made two keygen templates sometime back..I wanted to give the first one a dull look...and I guess I have made it very dull... :^



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OOPS...I did not add a generate button to it...My mistake..will modify it..


Thanx a lot..

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the 2nd one reminds me of a construction zone.

LOL..Is it due to the yellow colour??

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It's in my opinion the stripes (on the right side)

what made me thinking, too. 'Hm.. under construction', oricode ;)

When you compare with this pic:


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I wish I could do such nice stuff as this.

I like them alot.

I have a suggestion for the yellow one, the stripes in the side look a little offset to me, with the bottom stripe dissapearing and the top one doesnt have th same symmetry.

Some idea's... Pager, Ipod, Cell Phone, classic game boy, and the old turbo graphics express... all would make nice "basic templates".

prolly posting out of place here... just had some idea's.

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wow..u really got a minute observation...yeah that makes me feel that too..."constrution site ahead.." LOL


well i guess there are a lot of tutorials on the net to start off with..I am still learning and you too can easily make some nice gfx...Ur ideas taken..but they are now old..but with some modifications,i will make some new keygen templates

Watch out this space...

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thnx, will have a look for some more tuts on working with photoshop and making templates.

I had another idea, maybe not done... how about an ancient calculator , with blue neon digits :)

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Hi oricode

Here is a screenshot and sample of the first in a series of keygens for Amorsoft.


Thanks - nice template.



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Teddy Rogers

Ziggy, I deleted the attachment in your post and replaced it with a link because of its content... :)


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Ziggy, I deleted the attachment in your post and replaced it with a link because of its content... :)


ooops! - go away for a few days and see what happens :^


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Hi Oricode

Here is a screenshot of the Grey Satin keygen template. I'm using it in a series of keygens for AdultPDF.


Thanks - it looks great - very nice job



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Thanx for the compliment :D ...You make it even better with the rollover effects and the mouse cursors...Nice music too... :worthy:

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Oricode, could you prepare a video using an onscreen-actions recorder such as Adobe Captivate which shows how to make one of the above graphics with Photoshop.

I think it will be a good tutorial for beginners and help us a lot.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi ,

Well hakand i m kinda busy at the moment with my company project...so as soon as i get some free time..i l try to put together a tutorial...

BTW i guess Ecliptic is working on some tuts too....so keep watching this space..

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