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A Question About Games..

Guest ChromeX

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since this topic asks about games in general i thought id ask a question..

this is not a req...!! :D just a question...

i know snd team are appz specialists but can you guys/gals crack these latest game protections too(starforce/secrom7,etc,etc)??

or is that a differant procedure,etc,etc???

just wonderin....



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I was thinking of asking a similar question myself. Is there much in the way of tuts on training/unlocking ?

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Basic older game protections are easy enough (although they still offer a nice challenge).

The later ones are something else though. Starforce (in particular) is one for the uber crackers - you have to completely unwrap most of the starforce code and then remove checks to the rootkit (although I believe the rootkit element has now been changed slightly following the fuss generated by the SysInternals blogs re: Sony DRM). Its another world to your avaerge app which requires keygenning.

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