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Dup Skin - Lena151 Custom


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Here is a custom dUP skin that I made for lena 151

I hope everyone likes it and that I haven't made it too sexy :unsure:



example executable

edit - removed

files (resource, region, colors)

edit - removed

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What can I say ...

This looks unbelievably great. Can't wait to use it.

See next tut !!!

Thanks Ecliptic. I'll think of you in my daily prayers :^


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Guest sLayer
Lena is that how you always dress up? :bomb:

Ziggy has blue hair and I've got red horns on my head... :lol:


everything looks sexy :wub::wub::wub::wub: but the sword.Ted she will cut ur horns with that man :P

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everything looks sexy but the sword.Ted she will cut ur horns with that man



Great looking skin once again...Wow!!

BTW..I dont have white hair ;)

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@lena151 - I'm glad you like the skin. :D I'm looking forward to reading tut 29! I've been saving it for when I have a good chunck of time to devote to it.

@ted - You really have horns? :lol:

@slayer - Nice to see your checking in on us from time to time! :D

@antrobs - Sorry, I forgot to inlcude the font again :( - I'll add it to the zip file after I get finished posting this!

@king1981ae - I have a few other requests and projects that I'm working on..... As soon as I get some free time I'll see what I can do. I recently posted a tut on how to create a dUP skin - if you want to give it a try. It would certainly be quicker than waiting for me.

@everyone else - I alway enjoy reading your comments! Thanks!

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HI..well I have made a very simple kind of skin for you...just an image to show whether you like it or not...I will alter it for you after sometime..just tell me what u require...Check out PM....

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@oricode - Sounds like you got a skin together for king1981ae. Thanks! I've got a few project lined up and wouln'd have gotten to it for awhile.

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