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Tools To Make Good Gfx Image


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hi to all snd members i would like to ask what software the best to make GFX like making

and avatar image and photos image to be animated...


thankz.. :D:D

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Use Photoshop a great tool. Then for animation use Imageready. These are a great combination. Then when you master them go onto like 3ds max and Maya or Blender. These applications are for real 3d animation of imaging used in movies and that sort of stuff.

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Photoshop (for static images), because it has such great intelligent tools like antialiasing and layer concept.

You can also be satisfied that all your created stuff is fully compatible to the most other programs, when it is needed to export the pics. I started a long time ago with PaintShopPro (PSP) and UleadPhotoImpact (UPI), but the saved files with layers from UPI was not recognized in PS (especiall when using the PSD format) but the backward way worked always.

Image Ready (for animated images), the reason is the close connection to PS. Begin you work in PS and send it to ImageReady to animate it.

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Guest ChromeX

Photoshop is the great solution for all kind of images static or animated.

Corel Draw for professional designs

Firefox - easy animation making

Paint Shop Pro - photo editing.

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