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Snd...what's It All About?

Guest mcp2

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Right Hippie time, I wanted to know what feel SnD is supposed to have? Is it grungy, techno, wacky, dark, happy, light colours, dark colours.

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its about reversing and helping each other and learning protections.

we don't have a "feel" were all different.

It's exactly what I like on Team SnD!

We are all from different nations, in different constitutions, with different RLs,

but we are driven by the one vision to support the scene and make better releases.

Every GFXer has his/her own style, for example a special color.

Every coder has his/her own GUI design for example flat or animated,

but have you ever tried new things you never did before, it's makes more fun.

That's all is about. That this crazy story never ends, just called 'scene'. :thumbsup:

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