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Ubisoft Seems To Drop Starforce Support

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Ubisoft Seems To Drop Starforce Support

"We have decided that the anti-copy protection used on the future Ubisoft games won't be the Starforce software"


This thread on the Heroes of Might and Magic forums has word from one of the game's producers that the upcoming Heroes of Might and Magic V will not feature Starforce copy protection. According to this post by a Ubisoft community manager on the French forums HOMM5 won't be the only Starforce-free Ubisoft title, as it looks like they'll be switching to a different copy protection scheme. Ubisoft has been a big supporter of the much maligned Starforce system, using it to protect most of the big titles they released during the past couple of years.

dont know if this is good news or what..they probably have something even more powerful in the works..

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I think this is a huge blow to starforce to lose such a large customer. I never thought the boycotting thing would ever work, but this, I would assume, is a direct result of that. I wonder who else will follow suite? I bet starforce is ****ed :P

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Starforce is a very ****ed up protection. Thank God that UBISoft decided to drop them. I only hope others will follow.

Here is only some information about Starforce protection that is found in PC Gamer Magazine No. 147b Vol 13 #04.


Who Makes It: StarForce Technologies

Who Uses It: Based in Moscow, StarForce caters mostly to European publishers, although Ubisoft uses StarForce protection on most of the company's games released in the United States, including Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, Peter Jackson's King Kong, and Brother in Arms: Earned in Blood.

How it Works: We know that StarForce installs drivers on your system that facilitate the authentication process, but the company is very guarded about its secrets. As a result, when gamers have problems with their PCs after installing a game that incorporates StarForce, they're likely to blame the copy protection - which doesn't strike us as unreasonable.

When Things Go Wrong: StarForce relies on drivers installed on your PC to function - drivers that don't necessarily remove themselves once the game is uninstalled - which ca lead to problems. To find out if your have StarForce drivers installed, right-click on My Computer and select Properties. Click on the Device Manager button and from the Device Manager menu select View > Show Hidden devices. In the Device Manager, look for the Non-Plug and Play Drivers and expand the tree by clicking on the + sign. If you see anything with that ridiculous "StarForce" name in the tree, you've got the drivers on your system.

If your StarForce-protected game won't run, first uninstall all virtual drives and disable download managers and accelerators (just to be on the safe side). If that doesn't work, the fix may be as simple (or, admittedly, as aggravating) as going to [i]http://www.star-force.com/protection.phtml?c=91 and downloading updated StarForce drivers. Note that on this same page you'll find a utility called the SFREMOVE tool that removes all StarForce drivers. After launching SFREMOVE, reboot your PC to complete the uninstallation.


That's some stuff that PC Gamer had mentioned about it. And if you search around the net you can find a lot of ppl with problems because of StarForce, I myself, will not by a game protected with this **** software no matter what title it is. **** StarForce and their protection.

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well its not only ****ty protection, but huge slowdown of game, consider mega optimized game that runs smoothly and protected with that crap you have 20% less fps in tests and weird other random slowdowns. developers have 2 other protections securom and safedisc, now only safedisc is allowed on vista, they wrote partnership, and i think its related to sony vs xbox360 :P i still prefer ps3, japan makes best games. and on vista also starforce will be weaker or dead, due vista doesnt allow any ring0 driver to hook and be before windows in Interupt Descriptors Table and control all, due ms**** have enough of problems from ring0 drivers and instability

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