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Legal Threats


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For those who understand what is piracy and all.

Read the mails sent by different companies to thepiratebay and their replies...


This is what i have to say

What a bunch of rude, insolent, irreverant, arrogant guys at PirateBay.

I like them!

I would love to be able to see the stuffy shirt lawyers faces when they read the replies.

They are so formal and threatening and intimidating and so filled with their self-importance.

It is so good to see lawyers humiliated this way.

Comments please.. i would have died laughing..

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Teddy Rogers

This made me laugh good:

Hello and thank you for contacting us. We have shut down the website in


Oh wait, just kidding. We haven't, since the site in question is fully

legal. Unlike certain other countries, such as the one you're in, we have

sane copyright laws here. But we also have polar bears roaming the

streets and attacking people :-(.


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Please don't sue us right now, our lawyer is passed out in an alley from
too much moonshine, so please atleast wait until he's found and doesn't
have a huge hangover...>
> As you are listed as the registrant for this website, EA demands that
> you immediately and permanently disable access to the aforementioned
> bittorrent seeds.........You're free to demand anything you want. So are we. We demand that you
cease and desist sending letters like this, since they're frivolous and
meaningless. Where should I send the bill for the consumed diskspace and


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Teddy Rogers
haha, ya I've seen thos before. Funny as hell, but I bet it'll catch up with them sometime :P

Its possible but I think a few governments are now getting a bit tired of expensive (Windows) OS's and never ending patents. Take a look at Norways latest move:

Regardless of the corporations’ efforts to promote their proprietary software solutions, it seems that the general trend is to go in the opposite direction, which is switching to open-source.

The Redmond company has already lost one important battle with the open-source armada, and that was not in some god forsaken location, but in Massachusetts, home state of one of the most famous technology institutes - MIT.

According to the Associated Press, the Norwegian government is planning to use more and more open-source software to reduce its dependency to companies like Microsoft.

“It should no longer be necessary to use software from the major, international computer companies to gain access to electronic information in the public sector. Now that dependency will be broken,” AP cited a government statement.

In fact, Microsoft is also facing some difficulties in the UK, where BECTA (The British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) is currently scrutinizing the company’s software, under a “value for money” review of their educational licensing programs.

At the beginning of March, Andreas Pleschek, head of open source and Linux technical sales across North East Europe, said that IBM will not switch to Vista and that gradually, all the employees will start switching from Windows XP to the open-source solutions.


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ThePirateBay sure does have a good sense of humor. LOL. I would love to see the facial expressions on the companies who received those replies. LOL!

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hehe I saw these some months ago; made me laugh so hard it heart!

I just love the ones they had going to Web Sherrif, was ace because they also had a fairly good sense of humour :P

Its fun readin :D

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those are hilarious..........and if these author idiots knew how torrents work, they'd realize that they are barking up wrong tree...............haha......great link

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Guest invalid
Index sites *have* been taken down before tho...

Yeah, but its only when PirateBay goes down that alot of people will seriously start worrying :P

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