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hey all..

ive been googling to find the answer but still nothing solid has come thru...

how can i go about changing pal dvd vob files to ntsc vob files??

i orginally had a img image (nero) and extracted the files with magic iso..

i tried using dvd patcher to change it (wasted a few dvds in the process but i was getting closer but not close enough and figured i would ask for help now..lol)..

can somebody explain how this is done and which programs i would need to do so??

thanx for your time all



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Best way _http://www.canopus.com/products/videoconversion.php

Easier way _http://www.canopus.com/products/ProCoderSW/index.php

With Procoder 2, it'll do the conversion almost perfectly, BUT, you'll lose the menus afaik. But its worth playing around with.

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Best way _http://www.canopus.com/products/videoconversion.php

Easier way _http://www.canopus.com/products/ProCoderSW/index.php

With Procoder 2, it'll do the conversion almost perfectly, BUT, you'll lose the menus afaik. But its worth playing around with.

i have that app but it doesnt seem to be able to take vobs and convert..only avi's,mpg,etc

can you give a bit more detail?

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Ya, sure it can. Ok do this:

- Rip the DVD to the hard drive, so that there are raw vob files (use dvd decryptor or dvd shrinkl for this)

-Load up the main ProCoder 2 app, not the wizard thingy.

-Click the source tab. Then add ALL the vob files from the DVD.

-Click the Target tab. Click add, then CD/DVD ->DVD submenu(on the left) ->MPEG2 - DVD - PAL (or ntsc depending on what your converting from) - VOB

Then tweak the settings. You prolly don't want a bitrate of 6000, as you'll end up with huge files, so something like 3000 would be more reasonable. You can set single pass, or w.e, i'm sure you're familiar with all these settings? Also, the quality tab, you might want to set it to Mastering (highest is default), as it'll look just fantastic.

Anyways, that make sense?

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ok..i have a dvd img image (nero)..i didnt rip it it came that way..

so can i use a app like magic iso to make the vobs??i can extract them with this app..

thanx for your time man..

after this bit ill try what you said with procoder.. :D

i mainly knowhow to encode stuff thats already in avi or whatever..i never mess with vobs before.. :D

im hoping this works out easy..

also by using the procoder app will i lose the menu thats in the dvd??

what i have is one of those fireplace/aquarium dvds that (i got a new tv)

look like the real thing but there from europe cause there both in pal format...

so i need the menu or a exact duplicate of image...


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Put the DVD in your drive (or mount the image on a virtual drive) then use this


To make the VOBS, then load into procoder like I said. About the menus, not a clue, but try and let me know if you dont mind. And if you lose the menus, not a big deal just make your own customs.

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ok..im decrypting right now using your way.. :D

im familair with this dvd secryptor cause i use it for ps2 stuff...always works flawlessly....

well it just finished and i dont have vobs i just have another iso image and a mds file...

im going to extract the vobs with magic iso (i tried that before and it worked but wasnt sure i was correct) :D

ok..i loaded into canopus..all is well...BUT one question now...when choosing the mpeg 2-dvd -ntsc(which is what i want it to be-the file i have is pal and thats the problem) do i choose mpeg 2-dvd -ntsc mastering quality (i want this fireplace to look bad a$$ and real which its suppossed to but do i have to make my own menus with this one?) or do i choose mpeg 2-dvd -ntsc vob (will it make a exact duplicate of the pal one with menus??)

thanx again

im getting close and thanx for telling me how to use this app..i only used the wizard before..lol

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Then under video settings in the target, choose mastering quality. THen you can also choose stuff like variable bitrate, and how many passes. But if you do this, and slam the bitrate really high, you'll have to use DVD shrink to make it fit onto a DVD5. Dunno about the menus. Try it and see :P

I would recomment High quality at 6000 kps, 2 passes. Then shrink the vobs down with DVD shrink. Never tried this, but I think it should work nicely.

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thanx man..

ill give it a shot and see...hopefully this process wont take like 47 hours or something..lol

ill let you know what happens.. :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

yo bro..sorry for the late reply.. :D

i did try and it did work but no menus..it plays all the way thru...

thats the one main thing that got screwy...

thanx for all the info sigma!! you rock! :D

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the quality was good but you can see some pixilation in there in the dark segments..

overall at least i have some knowlegde regarding converting stuff. :D

the easist way i guess is to buy a good dvd player..lol

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i cant be specific cause i used the wizard.. :D

but it wasnt small...

i have to mess with dvd shrink sometime..

i had this one avi recently that was 400mb...i needed virtualdub to correct a stopping issue..after correction the new avi was 18gigs!! so i re-encoded it wuth tmpgenc express to vcd and now its 300mb and fully working...

next time ill try dvd shrink on the original file and see if it does work well..

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