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So, can non SND members post in the Research & Development area to have a crack tested?

Also, I just cracked the newest Offline Explorer Enterprise 4.2, so if it is a good crack, can I like give it to you guys to release?

Or perhaps SND could add new forum section where members (non snd tho) can post cracks that can then be released by SND? Dunno just a question :P

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If your not a member of SND *we* wont release your cracks/patches.

If you want your stuff released you will have to submit them to the crack

sites. I don't have any e-mails someone else can post them...

If you want to post your own crack for testing you can post it in the

following topic "CrackMe's / UnPackMe's / KeygenMe's"

The topic you mentioned is reserved only for SND testing purposes.

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Teddy Rogers

Sigma, if your posting about Member only areas please can you post the questions in SnD Team Revisited please. Many thanks... :)


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