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Microsoft Launches Three High-definition Mice...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers
Microsoft has announced today the expansion of its high-definition peripheral lineup with three new mice, including an improved version of the company’s bestselling mouse, the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse.

Aside from that model, the company has also announced two desktop mice, an optical one and a laser one.

“Since we launched our High Definition line just last September, we have sold over a million units. We design our proprietary chip technology to provide our customers with the best possible performance so they enjoy their computing experiences no matter where they are,” said Rusty Jeffress, general manager of the Hardware Group at Microsoft.

As the name suggests, Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 is designed for notebooks and represents the upgraded version of Microsoft’s best selling mouse. The improvement consists in the implementation of the High Definition technology for smooth and precise tracking over any surface. The price for such a peripheral is $29.95.

Wireless Laser Mouse 5000 comes with a Magnifier button for enlarging and editing images and a Tilt Wheel for navigating lengthy spreadsheets and stylish. This mouse costs $49.95.

Wireless Optical Mouse 2000 is a high-definition mouse, with an ambidextrous design and three buttons, whose price is $29.95.

Microsoft recently announced that it will make hardware technologies broadly available to third-party brands and hardware manufacturers, allowing them to launch products incorporating the Redmond company’s innovations.

The new licensing initiatives are linked to the Tilt Wheel, Magnifier and U2 technologies.

I don't know about anyone else but I've found Microsofts Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 to be the best mouse I've ever used - and I've wasted buying money on a lot of mice in my time. I'm looking forward to the wireless edition of the 3000, may look in to purchasing it at some point if its as good as the original wire edition...


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