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Snd Gfx And Keygen


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Here are some GFX logos I have made and a Keygenerator. I hope you guys like. Also ALiEN I have edited the keygen for you. Whenever time you want the PSD for your Crack I will send it over to you :) .






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Hi Hybr!d.

Eh I like the logo 2.gif... and the keygen teamplate is good, but maybe you can delete the 'about' button, since you have the '?' button. :D

If you can, please change the 'about' button to the 'copy' button. ;)

Good work indeed.


Or better, if you want/or don't have time to change it, you can send to me the .psd and i will change it... Anyway I would like to talk to you to make minor changes... I will use it in my next releases. ;)

see you.


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Cool Hybr!d! :D

Now can you do 2 different positions (normal/pressed) for all buttons?


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