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Forum Acting Weird?


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hey all..i havent checked in here to much since it was down awhile back...

what ive noticed strange so far is if i look at the main forum and see the Team SnD Revisited section i will see a post made by say "hawk" on march 16 but when you go in there to read its not there...

also in the crack req section..if i go to completed and it shows a newer post i go in and its not there..

is this just me???????

anyhow what happened to the forum when it went down??

just asking...

good to have you guys back though...(not in gay way..lol)

thanx all



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Teddy Rogers

The forum was down due to a very bad database issue which was caused by the hosts. I'm still unsure as to what exactly or why. I asked them to carry out a request a few weeks ago but they said they couldn't and wouldn't do it but I think they did (without notifying me first) and broke the forum database before I could get a more recent backup of it.

The only working backup I had was one week prior to the forum going down. The posts table was completely obliterated so I had to resurrect it using the older backup. Thats why some topics exist but no posts can be found (because I restored the older posts table only) but I think I should have deleted most if not all of those empty topics. I think the only reason you are seeing missing or empty topics/posts is because the forum index your seeing hasn't changed or been updated yet - meaning that once a new topic or post is created in that forum area you will not see this problem anymore in the indexing.

Also, I removed your topic to SnD Revisted since it refers to Member only forum areas. If in the future you make new posts regarding Member only areas please post them here. I'd rather not have most Junior members knowing we still have a Crack Request forum and see a stamped of people rushing to bang out 30 pointless posts so they can hound us with requests. :P

Many thanks...


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