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Hacnho Retires...

Teddy Rogers

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It seems Hachno has retired so there will be no new Armadillo tuts from him in the future :(

Retired! All requests will be refuse!

That's the time for me to say: I have to leave this scene! For these reasons: my family, my job... and my passion! And, the last word I want to say:

Thank you and Good bye!

If you have a question about tutorials, recommend visit: www.exetools.com. And the best place for Vietnamese cracker, please visit: www.reaonline.net! Need a security network solution? Visit us at www.hvaonline.net

Your best friend: hacnho

And now, my last gift for you: OllyICE FULL All In One:

Cool style-All Plugins-Disasm very fast-Anti All Anti DebugMethods-All Scripts-LIB Included!

Maybe he will find time to update his site occasionally. I wish him luck...


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