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XYplorer - Problems


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Hi guys,

so I found a nice tool called XYplorer you can use as file manager / WExplorer alternative. I tried using that tool and its good in handling but I also found some problem when using it and just would like to ask whether anyone of you does use this tool too and whether you know if there are any config settings to change some issues maybe.


Above a link to the tool (also free version to get there). So I just found two little problems I don't have when using WE etc.

1.) Drag & Drop function. Here when using the D&D function to move any file inside of XYplorer (just press left mouse on any file and hold it down) is that all other apps like player or notepad anything which are in foreground getting into background what means that XYplorer does set itself in foreground when you have click (mouse down) without to release it. Thats pretty bad so in this case I can not drag a file from XYplorer into any other app window and this does not happen when using WE itself or other tools like Everything. Just wanna know whether this is a bug or whether there is any setting in XYplorer to make it work like the WE itself you know.

2.) Using the selection function with left mouse button (hold down) and using the mouse wheel at the same time to scroll up/down. So in XYplorer it does stop the selection process WHEN using the mouse wheel at the same time = total bad. In WE it keeps the selection and I can scroll up/down and keep selecting files I want = good. Is that also a bug or deliberate? Can I change this too anyhow in XYplorer.

3.) Media Previews. So this feature is very bad done in XYplorer and also doesen't work in default state for me and I can just get it work when using the right CLSID value for Windows Media Player like this "mp4>{c5aec3ec-e812-4677-a9a7-4fee1f9aa000}" whats a total detour and the results of the preview window are also bad (all black background) and not all video files are supported. No idea why XYplorer is so bad on that feature. Anyway, normally I don't use this preview function window but would be nice to find a way to make it really work but the question is HOW. On internet I found some infos about installing codec packages k-lite and sh-it etc but I don't need those packages and just to install it for XYplorer is really stupid. Other tools like Fast Stone Image Viewer can also preview & play those media files without doing some CLSID handling or installing any codec packages etc. If you have some ideas how to handle it good in XYplorer to make the preview player working fine then tell me.

All in all XYplorer is a good alternative tool but also not perfect yet.


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hi @LCF

please send the same^ @ 



EF Commander
Unreal Commander
FAR Manager
ShellLess Explorer
FreeCommander XE
+ Directory Opus as suggested to you @ forum.tuts4you.com/topic/43905-how-to-set-windows-explorer-column-names-at-the-top-which-are-far-down/?do=findComment&comment=213745





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Hi @whoknows,

I tried that onecommander tool but it has same problem with drag / drop. :) The other one Q-Dir works fine with drag & drop and also works better with the media previews. :) Will see to check those other tools too.


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Hi again,

just have another question about Windows Explorer. So above I told already the problem when using XYplorer and that its forcing itself into front when I select any file in XYplorer. Now in case of WE it does not force itself in front when I select a file and keep holding the mouse pressed down (left / middle / right) and its waiting so long till I do release the mouse and  then it brings itself in front or when I start a mouse-move during holding mouse pressed down then it will bring itself also NOT in front. So this is very good feature but unfortunately the XYplorer devs did not implement the same good feature (I told them already) yet whats really bad. So WE has this good feature to ensure that other app windows which are in front are not going into background and that the user can do a easy drag / drop operation from WE into other apps. Other tools like Everything also having that good feature but XYplorer dosen't have it. :(

My question now is. Is this feature custom made or is it just a simple Window Style / Extended Styles flag I need to set what does handle it thing on that way? Just asking, otherwise it would maybe be possible to patch XYplorer anyhow itself to disable this "bring in front when file is selected" you know.


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Hi again,

for all who using XYplorer. Last year I did started using this app and found some problems I did post here already in my first post. I told the XYplorer guys about those problems in detail and now after four months they did added a new option (you have to enable manually in settings) to prevent that apps which are in front going into background what means you can drag / drop files into any other app windows like the Windows Explorer does. I have test this function and its working OK so far but its still buggy a little and does not work for 100% but better than nothing right. So in this case I got a little success to make that app better. :) Below the change-log...

v24.20.0504 - 2023-03-26 11:03
  + Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Usability | Mouse: Added option "Allow 
    dragging from a background window". Tick it to allow dragging items from the file list 
    without moving the XYplorer window to the foreground on mousedown. You would usually 
    want this behavior when dragging items to another, foreground, application.
    - You may see a short flicker in the titlebar of the foreground window.
    - The setting is ignored if "Configuration | General | Safety Belts, Network | Safety 
      Belts | Disallow left-dragging from file list" is ticked.
    - Since this is the standard behavior in File Explorer, the factory default is ON. 
      Upgraders, however, have to actively enable the feature.

...just can hope that the dev/s will fix that little buggy / flicker problems in the future to make it work better or same as in WE itself. Anyway, just only a info for you if you do use this tool and had same problems with that dragging issues.


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