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What tools can detect all possible bad sectors on HDD?


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Hi guys,

short question. Just looking for any tools similar as HDD Regenerator what can scan the HDD for bad sectors (all). On internet I can find few tools but I'am not sure whether they all also do scan for all bad sectors like delays etc or not. Just wanna do a scan without to repeair or anything so I just wanna check whether HDD is fine or not you know. I found this tool...


...I'am checking HDD at the moment but no idea whether the tool is good enough to recognize possible all bad sectors or not. If you have some clues what tools I can / could use then just tell me which ones. Also found this one (not tried yet)...


....whether its better to show all bad sectors / delays.


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On 12/17/2022 at 2:20 AM, LCF-AT said:

whether its better to show all bad sectors / delays.

These software are very strong and accurate and will not harm your hard disk (I experienced!):
- EaseUS Partition Master --->Surface test
- Mini Tool Partition --->Surface test

If you know the brand of your hard disk;
-For Western Digital:

-For Seagate:

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