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USB 3.x stick does copy in strange speed curves! Need some advice


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Hi guy,

I have few USB 3.x sticks and tried to copy large files on them to see how fast they are when using them on my 3.0 USB ports. Just did wonder why in both cases of 2 diffrent USB sticks I get strange copy results. Normally I would expect some constant copy process but its not and I always get some up/down curves or for the other USB stick get some long up like a ramp and falling down like from a wall. I made some images of one of my sticks so just look at this...


....in this image above you see the copy curves trying to copy large files from my SSD NVMe M2 to USB stick 3.2 gen. You see it did start very low with under 10 MB/s and just going till 88 MB/s. Always few seconds up and then few seconds down. Never running contantly. Also today I get a more lower speed of 3 MB/s...


...and just would like to know why its so strange or is it normal? The stick I was testing is this one...Intenso Speed Line 256 GB 3.2 Gen 1x1 ...and its telling it has a transfer-rate of up to 70 MB/s (not telling whether read or write). Anyway, also if the stick would have a write speed of 30 MB/s then the question for me is why it always gets down and then up. Is there any reason why and why does it not copy in a contant line of X MB/s +/- little fluctuations?

I also just would like to know whether there are any USB 3.x sticks from any company who do NOT copy with those strange curves. Next time I wanna order any better working stick you know. So my question in this case would be on what I have to pay attention, what is important? Maybe anyone of you could give me some hints and recommendations +/- few USB sticks you would suggest you know. Thanks.


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Hi Ted,

so I found that info before too but didn't tried it because of risk to loose datas etc. Not sure about that yet. Did you changed it and do you get any better copy flow on USB sticks (constantly copy line)? Otherwise when I have connected a SATA HDD over USB 3.0 then it does copy with same speed constantly.


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Never tried it myself. I do not use USB sticks enough to be concerned over write speeds.

I can only suggest finding a faster USB stick, using a portable HDD or SSD...


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Hi again,

Ok I tried to change the settings of that USB stick but I can not change it!!!!! I got this error.....


...its not allowed to change it. Why this?

So I'am also using that USBDeview x64 tool to see all USB stuff and the USB sticks are also set to YES on Safe to Unplug but my extern USB SATA HDD is set to NO.


So I never changed anything there. Just did wonder why it did show the purple icon and not the green icon...


...hhmmm. Otherwise my extern HDD is also working in slow copy mode with now 50 MB/s and before it was 80 MB/s and before 120 MB/s and at the start it was 180 MB/s. Just wonder why it does fluctuates so much. Somehow like a random.


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