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How to open links in new tab?

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Hi guys,

I have a new small question. I would like to know how to open link in a new tab? Normally I can use middle mouse or ctrl key pressed and click on a link what does it but I wanna make it without using keyborad / middle mouse. I found a extension on internet called "Open in new tab"...


...which works fine to make it work BUT you can only set HOST like (youtube.com etc) but this is not so good. So I would  like to specify the URLs + paths for specific host.



Some of them I want to open in new tab but not all like some next / preview pages etc. Just some sites of same host & outgoing hosts too but with this extension I can not do that to create any pattern or something. Best would be if uBlockOrigin could do that. :) Just wanna ask whether you know any AddOn Extension what can do that etc.


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