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Rotating cube animation ripped from FFF crack - initially coded by RocketSpawn


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yep, initially it was coded in Delphi as i saw in PEiD, but however when i looked over the whole analysis i saw some win32 libraries going on and it was actually rippable (except the @System@@COS$qqrv, @System@@SIN$qqrv and @System@@ROUND$qqrv which they were from some Delphi static library)

so the cube isn't actually stubborn as i thought :)

this will be used for main keygen forms (device context created in the STATIC control).

thankx 2 Teddy Rogers, fearless and hutch (from MASM32 board) for the suggestions ;)


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Those Delphi routines are simply wrapped fpu instructions fcos, fsin, fstp with some check. Simply step into and viola. They can be easily reimplemented in asm.

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This looked really interesting to me so I decided to recode and optimize this thing in c, the changes I made are the following:

1.)Recoded it in c which makes it more flexible and easier to embed

2.)Made it so you can draw multiple of these cubes on a form

3.)Made it so you can now specify which STATIC component you wish to use(in original it always picked the one with id 10)

4.)Optimized the code a bit

To use it just call the function RunRotatingCube, the first argument is the hwnd of the form and the second argument is the hwnd of the STATIC component, all the other arguments are self explenatory

The files are provided below:

RotatingCubeRaw.c RotatingCubeRaw.h

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