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Zer0's version of meatballs - ripped from WDYL-WTN keygen


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Another graphical effect ripped from Flash2X.Flash.Hunter.v2.0.1.Incl.Keygen-WDYL by me :)

p.s.: the file_id design is made by h7 [impure/titan] , made on feb 2o22 - ascii request from his twitter :v

and no i didn't keygen MetaProducts Startup Organizer yet, it was just an example of file_id usage. 


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Hi @r0ger,

thanks for the new effect ripping source (I like that WinASM packages from you). :) So this looks similar like the last effect you did posted (Double scrollers on TV static effect - coded initially by Zer0) but here in this new one there is no flickering anymore. :) Maybe we could check the sources to find out what the new source used to prevent this flickering and then you could update the other source etc. Just a idea not more you know.


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