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Rotating dots animation ripped from TSRh keygens - coded by Funbit


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Another ripped animation coded in MASM32 by Funbit[tSRh], and recoded by me after ripping with IDA Pro 6.8 with CSC plugin.

However, i will show you guys how to initiate the background color for the animation (as well for the dots) since it's loaded in a white background through PatBlt (invoke PatBlt,hdcSrc,0,0,6Eh,6Eh,WHITENESS)

in the meantime, enjoy this little dotted animation :)


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Teddy Rogers
2 hours ago, r0ger said:

PatBlt (invoke PatBlt,hdcSrc,0,0,6Eh,6Eh,WHITENESS)

PatBlt, one of my favourite Windows API's for some random reason (and projects). Always found it fast enough for drawing directly to device contexts, no off screen drawing...


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