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Looking for auto page scroller extension or script


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Hi again,

yes another question about scrollings but this time I was trying to find any method to make website auto load next page after next page just by scrolling. So I found one script and one extension what can do this...



...above a script and a extension. So both seems to work so far but the problem both have is with some JavaScript types wegpages using. :( Thats pretty bad. Many sites using thumbnail antimations / video & text which then are not shown anymore if you hover over them. :(

Example: Look here...


...if you visit this site then you can hover with the mouse on the thumbs and the preview / video getting started. When you scroll down to the end of site then you find a NEXT button to load the next site etc. Now when using the extension (extension not working on this site) or script then the next page gets loaded and added below but if you hover now over the thumbs then nothing happens anymore. Nothing is playing / preview etc. Is there anything else to make it work? Or is it possible to use anything else or change browser settings itself etc?


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