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How to search multiple websites at once?


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Hi guys,

I have a new question about using search engines and doing any custom searches. So normally you can use search engines like duckduckgo or startpage or some others to search anything and you can also specify your search to on site using the "site:" shortcut. Ok so far, but what if I wanna search on more sites? Lets say I have few sites I wanna search for something instead to search the entire internet and now I can use the "site:" shortcut with the weboage A1 and with the term's it should look for. In case of more than one webpages I have to repeat the same steps again & again whats not very handy. So is there anything like a template or anything I can set the webpage URLs into to look for and doing a once search for all? Or is there a syntax I can use to look for multible webpages at once? Something like this...

site: Page1.com, Page2.org, Page3.tv, ob.page4.us "search-term1" + "search term2"

...just can not find anything in google description about how to search for multible sites only single sites using "site: *" once. Do you know how to make it work or whether its possible?


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