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N64 Scene intros and trainers


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I've been digging my weekend into the n64 scene, and although it's been 20 years i'm surprised by the lack of yt captures and available prods on pouet. so... it was time to remedy a bit
i ripped fews prods from warez releases, you will find them in attachment. i haven't fixed checksums of my roms so if your emulator is a bit dumb maybe it can throw you some errors. but they play fine on real hardware at least.
I've got some trainer menu sources wrote by icarus/pdx and titanik/czn, it's also in attach and the codes compile fine as well.

I've sent to pouet my extracted cracktros from roms and additionally i did many n64 captures for yt: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD8IEjX8bxvNX1ZhN7maKEw/videos
Fews gems like the first trainer on n64 (Mario 64 USA Trainer by CZN) recorded from composite, no hd.

Make n64 scene great again!

edit: czn prods are now mirrored on scene.org https://files.scene.org/browse/demos/groups/crazy_nation

CZN Ripped intros.zip sources.zip

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