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YouTube Vanced App Forced to Shut Down


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ouTube Vanced is an extremely popular Android app that improves the standard YouTube experience with new features including ad-blocking and background play. Unfortunately, however, the software has come to the end of the road. The developer team says that Vanced is being discontinued "due to legal reasons" and suggests they were forced to comply.


i used this...sucky news


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Teddy Rogers

I would think this may be related to the proprietary Google code being used.

Preferred using NewPipe myself. Even Firefox, with adblock and video background fix addons, works well on YouTube...


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They recently tried to make money in a terrible way doing an NFT of a 'newer' logo, which was way too close to YouTubes actual logo. Speculation is that is why they got targeted legally and closed up shop just a day or so after that happened.

Alternative is NewPipe as Teddy mentioned if anyone needs a new one. Vanced still works if you have it installed already and probably will for a while but there are other options if it does break.

Edit: Here's a pic of the logo they tried to use for the NFT: ES4Ult8.png

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