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hello all family  members  ,

I was successfully emulation server of a software and also test on localhost host 

(For localhost i edite etc/host file to redirect orignal server to localhost)

But now my problem is how i can make a public server for it 

I try to buy many holster like vps,share web,cloud but it is not working 

I thing due to i dont know mkre thing about these hosting



Please someone tell me step by step how i can make public server .


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1-so you have a piece of code (? NODEJS / C# / PHP ?) that RESPONSES something ?

2-you edit the HOSTS, so when the target software asking for validate.xxx.com goes to localhost ?


and now you want to do the same on a public server ?

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1 Thanks your reply

Yes i create code which respond same as software want 

Yes i edit host which do same as u say

Yes now i want to do same on public server 


How i can do?

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Hi cracker,


upload the same files on server, @ HOSTS (or patch the application executable with your URL)


x.x.x.x             validate.yyy.com

//your serverIP     software.validation.URL


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Sir i thing you not understand my question.

My question is i done all work like edit host file check all respond and patch applications  now i want to host localhost to publish server 

I sent a video i edit file write localhost ipaddress in it now i want write a public server ipaddress for it.


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to get the public IP of the server by executing this PHP 


.. keep in mind that if you are on shared server will not work, because this IP dedicated to more that 100 sites.


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