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NoScript gone from webstore!?

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just noticed total big (broken) script problems when using Brave after update to version 11.2.16.Today I wanted to check the problem and thought I need to re-install etc but then I see the extension URL / ID is gone. :( 404 error.



Then I checked github and found a newer version 11.2.18 which works again.


But you need to install this version manually (dev-mode).Just as info.Not sure whether the Chrome webstore link will come back later or not.Lets see. :)


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Hi again,

so the latest webstore version11.2.19 makes trouble again. :( So when I wanna watch this site..


...then Brave browser does hang... :)  funny...look....


...and not only on this site of course.I also noticed that the version who makes trouble has an issue with uBo extension.Somehow there is an IP 6 address used for the NoScript extension which gets blocked by uBo sometimes....


...so what are that addresses for?In the other pre versions of NoScript was never used such addresses and now the addresses above getting called on every site.I made 2 images of same versions NoS & uBO versions from Firefox & Brave.





....and in Brave version you can see that [ff00::] address which is there on every call to any webpage.In earlier working versions was never such an address from NoScript in uBO to see.That must be a wrong thing in NoScript.


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