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Chrome extensions not working in private window mode


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Hi guys,

I found a new problem when using Brave/Chrome browser with specific extensions.In some cases they aren't working in private mode and only in normal mode.I found some HLS player extension which allow to play HLS playlist urls in extension player by paste the url in browser.I found 2 diffrent HLS extension I tried for Chrome & Firefox.

Native MPEG-Dash + HLS Playback

Play HLS M3u8

So in both cases the extensions for Chrome are not working in private/incognito window and it get blocked by Chrome/Brave and I get this Error window to see when trying to enter a HLS playlist URL.


The question I have is why?On internet I found some infos about FileSystem API to detect Incognito mode when its disabled.Also a old method to look into "chrome://flags" list to searching for "Filesystem API in Incognito" and to enable it.In latest versions nothing is to find anymore about filesystem to enable/disable it etc.So my question is whether its working to get extensions like that also working in private mode?Firefox does work to use the same AddOn in normal & private mode but Chrome dosen't allow it in default state.In my case I just don't wanna switch from private mode to normal mode each time if I wanna use a extension like this and open a new second window extra you know.Would be better to open a new normal TAB instead (not sure whether its working to mix normal / private tabs in one window etc).So what can I do to make it work or find a de-tour / workaround to use this or other extensions (which are not allowed to use in private mode) in same single window?Maybe you know any solutions for that.Thank you.


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Hi again,

whoknows did post this on the news channel....


Browser incognito mode disables FileSystem API, thats signalize is in incognito mode

....a script what can detect private mode..


...is now possible to make the extensions above ALSO working in private mode or not?

In case of "NOT POSSIBLE" then I have another question about Chrome / Brave.Why has Chrome no menu to customize the look like Firefox?In Firefox I have buttons for almost all menu points like Settings/AddOns/Tools etc I can set directly on the bar next to URL bar etc you know.This is very comfortable just using the mouse/click instead of menu or shortcuts.Has Chrome anywhere such icons I can set like in FF?


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