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Youtube behavior sucks or what do you think?


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Hi guys,

most of us using YT more or less to get infos / entertaining / etc stuff right.All fine so far.In some cases I also do follow / check diffrent YT channels for new videos to watch.In some cases I have seen that YT channels was just deleted by YT itself because of any rule violation XY for harmless channels where I really have to think about it why the account was deleted.Today a account I was checking out for a longer while was deleted too with that info...


...and now its gone. :kick:Objectively considered I have seen no reason (rule violation) to delete the account since I found that channel.The channel was just a ASMR channel (Voice,Sounds and Talking stuff).Some of those videos was also age restricted but no reason to delete the account.Also the talking content did not violate the "Vulgar language policy".All in all its again a pretty ridiculous act of YT against a user channel who has taken the time and energy to create YT content over a long time and then its just getting removed by one fcking click of any YT worker. :slap:Some action like that makes me really angry.


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First and foremost; YouTube is a private entity. It is their right to terminate anyones account for any reason, or no reason at all, if they want. Sucks, but it's how things work. So if they wanted to, they can kill off anyones channel, no matter the reason.

As for what probably happened, YouTube has a lot of content policies and systems in place. Things such as the content id systems, copyright systems, automated tooling to deal with initial DMCA / copyright claims, etc. Generally, a channel is not terminated unles it breaks the rules 3 times. It's not that common for YT to nuke a channel on its first offense unless that offense is absolutely harmful and against the rules.

Based on the violation you posted, that looks like there may have been material in their current/past content that potentially had subjective meaning or harmful intent. However, it could also just be that they broke the rules 2 times before, and got automated banned on their third-strike due to a mass-flagging of one of their videos and it'll be reviewed/reversed if found to be in error.

Not defending YT, they are generally pretty garbage as a company, but most of the time, bans are for justified reasons. It's pretty uncommon to see a ban without reason that isn't reversed/handled eventually. 

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You didn't lose anything at all, YouTube is nothing but a garbage can that contains the elites of human scumbags and degenerates, 5 minutes on youtube

looking at thumbnails and titles is enough to cause you multiple cancers, I truly feel disgusted by the current status of this platform and how it has changed

along the years, the moment they allowed "people" to set custom thumbnails for videos was a digital disaster, so you lost nothing at all by being banned on that platform.

Finally, If you have kids, don't allow them to watch YouTube and teach them some old folkloric games we used to play when we were kids.

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Hi guys,

good news first, the channel is back today. :) No idea why but its just back.Good to see that YT did change their mind and did re-allow that channel.No clue what the reason was why they have taken the channel down but as I said before there was no reason to take it down.

Yes, YT & Co can do what they want and thats the main problem and you as possible user (content creater or buyer etc) have no rights and you are just a playball for them and you always must count with something like that you get banned etc.So this is really influencing your own behavior.I heard about that of other platforms too.I don't like that.Its same like using Google search itself (since we know that they collect anything), so most of use doing it anymore and using other engines who sending requests to them anonymous.


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