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Need help finding the right forum section to post


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Hello dears,

There is a small software that i failed to bypass many times, i'm getting a bit frustrated and would like to post to get help. Ofc i would like to respect point 13 but i dont know which would be the right forum section for this, and also how to construct the thread : https://forum.tuts4you.com/terms/ (also can i name the software ? Can i put a link to it ? - maybe it would be better to not name it so google doesnt index that)

The software itself has a moderate interest, it allows to bind sounds to keyboard's keys. It would be much simpler to code it myself than to bypass it so it is totally related to the knownledge i could get from it.

Right now I could locate the function that create the DialogBox showing the error but then i'm pretty lost. I thought then i would try from another side like breaking up on something like GetDlgItemText but it didnt worked. It is a classic 25 times free usage then some features are locked - it requests name + pass.

I'm some kind of an old man coming back for fun, for those who knows that, in my old times i was using SoftIce... : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoftICE ( Initial release 1987; 34 years ago (DOS) - Final release v4.05 / 2000; 21 years ago ) :lol:

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