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Crackmes from old reverser-course.de web site

Darth Blue

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Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right place to open this topic.

Some of you will remember that there was a web site which you can download crackmes/reversemes and send solutions.(yes we would not use the phrase CTF)

The site was: reverser-course[.]de ; now it is dead, you can access the old site by using archive[.]org


I want to ask if any of you have the challenges from this web site? Maybe some of you are archiving stuff like that. Actually if some one have a full site rip, that would be great. There was 19 crackmes, 5 reversemes, 32 Math+Fun-Level questions and 7 crypto questions.

If you have any of those please send a download link. Thank you very much.

Best wishes

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