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Do you know any good working HDD enclosure systems?


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Hi guys,

I have a new question about HDD's and using extern enclosure / case systems connected via USB 3.0 port.Last year I did order a new 3.5 SATA HDD with a extern case (with screws) and a toggle switch which also works so far.Problem in this case is that I can not quickly change the HDD with another HDD.Now I'am looking for such kind of enclosure case where I could plugin/out HDDs quickly AND using that enclosure case also constantly in that enclosure case.Do you know any good ones?Also wanna have one without any HDD size limits if possible.In most cases there are no infos about that about the used controller (up to 8 TB etc in some cases).Such limits are bad.Does anyone of you use any of those quick changer enclosure systems and if yes what do you use and whats your opinion about it?Good or trash?


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i'm using a more simple thing with no enclosure, switch, etc..
just quick access/change.
digital storage capacity up to 10tb, i use it mostly to backup my server hdds, copying whole internal disk (8tb drives) to the external one.
works ok with my debian and windows and for the usage that i do with it.

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Hi guys,

thanks for the suggestions.So its funny to see that the descriptions about supported TB sizes are not same on the same model. :) The ‎UGREEN model from fearless sais 10 TB support & 16 TB support!?Somehow always pretty strange.

I also have such a connect cube to plugin diffrent HDD types but this I don't wanna use permanently.Need some box I can switch HDDs quickly + having a cover to prevent dust etc for permanent use.


Some questions: The ‎UGREEN model does turn the HDD of after 3 minutes.If I remember right then its not good or?I always let them spin.The device has also some kind of soft power button (no toggle) you have to turn On again after restart or?What about the speed?It does support 5Gbps on USB 3.0.I found a similar device which supports 6Gbps on 3.0 USB port.Is that correctly?I thought that only USB ports higher than 3.0 (3.1 C) do support higher speeds.Somehow its really confusing with that descriptions on the same page which are showing diffrent informations to same paramters.

What about this one?


Almost same look but with power toggle (good) and no standby modus (good).Supports up to 16 TB and has a max speed of 6 Gbit/s (not sure whether this is true by using normal 3.0 USB port).

Also found this one...


Only 10 TB support max.What do you think?


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