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How to change the bookmark selected size in context menu?


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Hi guys,

I have a small new question for a problem I can not find a solution yet.I'am using latest Firefox brwoser and got a problem with the display style of my bookmarks in the bookmarks menu.I have a lot of bookmarks which gets shown go on the right side (arrow >>) to show the rest of it and in that menu / context menu is the size somehow larger as normaly.The site between 2 bookmarks is to much but the text font size seems to be normal.I made a image so that you can see it...


...and here you see it.The selection (grayed area) is to large.Normaly its smaller.I tried to check out the about:config to find any setting for the size with bookmarks menu etc but found nothing and on internet I just can find a info to install any AddOn etc but I just wanna change the size only.Does anyone know how to do that?I also don't know why this size was changed or what it did changed.Maybe anyone has a clue.Thanks.


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Hi wk,

I made some changes in about:config to get the compact view to see / enable but I don't know how to make it with the vertical spaces.Where to add what?


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Since Firefox 69, you must go into about:config and set “toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets” to “true” 

The userChrome.css file does not exist by default, you first have to create the file in the appropriate location inside your Firefox profile folder.


---- latest


Go to about:support in Firefox.

Search for Application Basics, find Profile Directory and click on Open Directory.

Copy the userContent.css into the chrome folder (usually has -release at the end, and you should create the chrome folder if it doesn't already exist).


Go to about:config in Firefox.

Search for toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets and set it to true by clicking on the arrow button.

Restart Firefox.




*no tested*

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Hi again,

thanks.So now I have changed the key in Firefoy to true and created a chrome folder & css file and tried around with diffrent commandlines.The command below does nothing change for me....

:root{--arrowpanel-menuitem-padding: 2px !important;}

....I found this command...

menupopup > menu, menupopup > menuitem{padding-block: 2px !important;}

....what does change the spacing in my menus. :) Thats what I wanted.


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