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DamnNFO viewer from wayyyyyy back


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Hello all..

im still using the old DamnNFO viewer by ivanpulo..(yeah im like encino mam)..

does anyone know if that viewer was ever updated??

main reason i want to see if the font size can be adjusted hahaha that shit is getting smaller and smaller every year and i cant make it any bigger..like its stuck on the 9 setting

maybe one of you know of a modded version or something cause i cant be the only one whos eyes are starting to suck , unless everyone is using something else for nfos..i like this version tho haha

cheers mates


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it's one of the worst nfo viewer, compiled almost 20 years ago and who rely on system fonts which are not designed to display ASCII art.
Get yourself a proper nfo viewer like pablodraw.

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