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How to backup browser profile and restore them?


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Hi again,

just wanna ask about that problem because the basic method I found on internet dosen't work for me.

Example: I would like to backup my Firefox & Brave profile from time to time.In the case of Brave the internet says I have just to copy the Brave "User Data" folder located in the "...\user\current\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\" and I did.Now in VM I installed Brave and did past the folder into same path (rename original) and did run Brave but its not same & working.The extensions are gone and the look is diffrent and Brave also wants to reset settings etc.All in all its not same and a 1:1 restore failed.So how to make it correctly?Did anyone restore Brave successfully etc?Maybe anyone could help with that.Thank you.


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the method to backup is :


when u r on brave go @ brave://version/

write down to a paper the path

go to windows explorer start type the path wrote on the paper then press ENTER


copy whole files+folders

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Hi wk,

thats dosen't help / work as I told already.On internet I found another infos of people  who having same trouble.It seems not to be possible to make a complete full backup of the Brave profile folder and restore it.Thats really bad and the question is why?!So you can export / import bookmarks/settings and passwords manually but what about the rest?I'am using many extensions with specific settings / filters etc and I don't wanna save all settings of them manually one  by one and install & restore manually again one by one.What a crap!Also that extension trash dosen't work to install the CRX files (downloaded manually) in Brave manually by doing some drag/drop (getting save window!?) or open window.In this case I just can download very extension AGAIN from webstore etc.So this is really a mega super fail and I can not understand why those Chrome/Brave guys didn't add any simple function/s inside of the Browser to create a full Backup of entire profile & restore backup function to import.I just don't get it.Is that so hard to do that?

All in all its not working to copy/paste folders.Maybe anyone can confirm same problems or can post a possible working method.The biggest problem is of course that re-installing of all extensions / doing setup all again etc.I don't wanna re-install them also not from webstore AGAIN etc.Must be also possible to do that offline by using the CRX files WITHOUT to unpack them and load them in dev mode but somehow its not doable too.Uhhmm!!!!WTHeck!Anyway, maybe all I want is already doable (and I'am again not smart enough to find it out) and if you know it then it would be nice if you could tell me and those others how to manage that stuff. :)


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Teddy Rogers
4 hours ago, LCF-AT said:

I would like to backup my Firefox & Brave profile from time to time.

Create an account and and sync backups to the cloud?


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for offline installation of CRX, go to (dont remember if needs the devmode ON)


drag&drop there the CRX

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Hi again,

I don't wanna use a cloud to sync my datas online etc Ted.I'am still old school and wanna do it offline. :)

I told already that its not really working to copy/paste that User Data folder.Brave starts without my extensions (only one) and the rest is gone and gets also deleted from  the extension folder on first run.Only bookmarks are there and the other settings Brave wants to reset.Its just crap.

About extensions, I also tried to drag CRX files into Brave but its just poping up the SAVE dialog to save that file I did drag/drop into.What a nonsense.

Question:  "\BrowserStuff\Brave\User Data\Default\Extensions\" I have all extensions inside which all have any hash name etc.How to find out what the name is?Is there any file in that User Data folder who did list all extension names Braves used?


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How should that help?In your URL you have already the extension Name inside.I got only the hash.Anyway, somehow its all crappy done.Lets say Brave dosen't work / start anymore then you just got the folder with all extension hash names you have to check manually to find the extension name inside of folder or via internet.Is this userfrienfly?I don't think so.There are working tons of guys to build new versions of Chrome/Brave etc and nobody of them has a simple idea to create something more userfriendly functions/options to backup/restore/install etc?Come on!I just don't get it.

Info about CRX: I tried this again to enable dev mode and drag CRX file into and now it works to install it (outside of Sandboxie) but not inside.There I get just a overlay image to see called "Drop to install"....


....and thats all.Is there any chance to load the CRX via menu instead of drag/drop?Is it possible to enable / show a menu bar?Need to find any detour to load that CRX file.


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Question:  "\BrowserStuff\Brave\User Data\Default\Extensions\" I have all extensions inside which all have any hash name etc.How to find out what the name is?

folder names have the name as the addon URL 

The oboonakemofpalcgghocfoadofidjkkk will be the folder name inside the extension folder.

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Hi again,

I tried to find some infos about export settings / profile etc of Brave and found this on GH.

Add option to Backup Profile(Settings, History, Paswords, etc) to a file and then restore when required | 10 Apr 2019


Others have same trouble and just to copy/paste dosen't work/anymore.One said this...

2 years later and not a single beep from the devs? Seems like best time to change browsers, then.

....so WTF.Where are those devs and why do they not add such a all in one export function?They also did implement a tiny TOR browser in Brave (nobody needs this) what also works pretty crappy.Men men men you!Where is the userfriendly part?In some cases I just really can't understand some things like that.Maybe my logic thinking works diffrent as from those Brave guys or whatever.So what do you think guys?Am'I wrong or are they?Everyone who is using a browser knows how much time it can take to setup all stuff (settings / Passwords / extensions / scripts / background style etc) and if you are finished and all is working then you are happy so far.Its just normal to want to make a full backup of it and to restore it in any case of problem or moving from A to B etc right.Nobody wants to get forced to do all / most of those steps another time just beacuse some dev guys are not willing or smart enough to add such a total basic support.No idea what the problem is but as I already said in the past few times, some things like that making me really angry! :slap:


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Hi again,

I'am still looking for a method to back my extensions / settings + restore them on other location (same browser & OS).I tried diffrent steps a friend told me I could try but without success.In most cases the extension are just gone on Brave startup and getting removed from User Data folder without any message etc.

Now I tried same with just using unpacked extensions in normal installed Brave & also in portable Brave version but in both cases the extensions are to find in the extension tab but they are all disabled / possible corrupt.Next to that error info is a Repair button I can press but nothing happens.Uhmmm!

So is here anyone who has any working solution how to backup / restore my whole extensions + settings of them (if possible)?Would be nice if someone can help to make it doable etc.Thanks.


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@LCF-AT do you really think you are on the right forum here?
Sounds to me you need other basics first.😚

For Mozilla it works if you backup the profiles folder!
You can use MozBackup for this too - it's old, but it works with the latest firefox too!

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