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Do you know any good cookie extension?

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Hi guys,

I'am looking for any cookie extension for FF & Chrome I can use to export / import / edit cookies.I know there are many of them and I have the choice and its already a long time ago I have used any cookie tools (also don't remember the name anymore) and before I'll try out one by one I would just like to ask you guys.So what I wanna do is pretty simple.I would like to export the cookie package/set of a webpage I did login and to restore it to prevent to login again.Anyway if I do use Firefox or Chrome.So what extension/s could I use for that action?


Info: I tried to install any extension for Chrome/Brave and get this error info now!



Uhhm!Whats that?On YT I found a video to change settings in Chrome to allow redirects (Ok) but also dosen't work.Has anyone a clue about that?


EDIT: I found out the reason for that Image Decode error.The problem is my Sandboxie version 5.45.2.Somehow it dosen't work anymore to install extensions in Brave (error above) and also if I just check the about of Brave to check out the Brave version its loading endless...


...and then I get this error.Now I did install latest Sandboxie and then its working to install extensions for Brave & getting no errors on checking Brave version.Somehow this seems to be really strange.But at the end I could just using latest SB version ONLY to install a extension and had to switch back to SB older version because in the latest version of SB the InternetDownloadManager is still not working. :(

Template.ini from SandBoxie / Original below

# Download Managers

Tmpl.Title=Internet Download Manager
# Tmpl.ScanKey=\REGISTRY\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{AC746233-E9D3-49CD-862F-068F7B7CCCA4}
Tmpl.ScanProduct=Internet Download Manager
OpenClsid={AC746233-E9D3-49CD-862F-068F7B7CCCA4}  <---
# prevetn access to host port
BlockPort=1001  <---

In this original state IDM dosen't work in browser.Now someone said I should disable the BlockPort 1001 or the CLSID above but its also not working. :( All in all I have still to use the old SB version (as before too the whole time) BUT NOW I have to use any latest SB version to get any Chrome extension installed if I need one etc.Really bad. :(


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Hi again,

does nobody has any suggestion?

Info: I tried this cookie extension for Firefox & Chrome called..."CookieManager - Cookie Editor"


This extension does not work with Firefox to import cookies :thumbsdown: but the import function works in Chrome/Brave BUT not working in incognito mode = :thumbsdown:.Also in Firefox it seems to make some trouble on some sites like T4Y and dosen't show the login status on main page = not loggedIn.After disable this extension = I'am logged in again.Strange.Anyway.This extension isn't my first choice now.

Next, I found this extension called...."Cookie Manager" by Rob W.



So this one seems to be a lot better 👍 :) to handle and manage cookies in Firefox.Good one so far.The problem is only that this AddOn isn't to get for Chrome so the info about it is....

This Cookie Manager allows you to quickly view and edit specific cookies. 
It is designed to be compatible with Chrome, Firefox and Firefox for Android.
No special notes. I haven't published the extension to the Chrome Web Store.

...it tells me that I can get a Chrome version extension but not published on web store but I also can not find a download link for a Chrome version on this github site.Do you?I tried to find that extension on web store and I found that....


...but I didn't test it yet.The image looks like the original but the name of the person is 0x0a0d and not Rob W.Not sure whether its a fake extension or not.


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hi LCF, 

download all files from repo, has anything u want. 



as the previous time with uBlock, u have to load it unpacked - webkul.com/blog/how-to-install-the-unpacked-extension-in-chrome/

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what do you mean from repo?Can you post a link to that Chrome extension / CRX?At the moment I did download that version from web store...


....but this is version 1.3 and not 1.6.Also this 1.3 Chrome versions seems to have a bug with date times of cookies.


EDIT: Ok I got it. :) Just did download all as zip / unpacked / dev in Chrome and now I have version 1.6. :) I will check this version out now.Thanks again for that info wk.


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Hi again,

so I found a new small problem using that Cookie Manager extension (Unpacked CRX version).Each time if I start the Brave browser then this extension is NOT loaded yet.I can see the icon and can click on it but I don't get a menu to see.Now I have to go to extension page and need to click on that re-load button of the extenion tab and then its working.Also the same if I just disable / enable the extension then I have again to press that re-load button.Somehow stupid of course.

I found another extension called..Extensions Reloader


.....but its not working and does just re-fresh the icon only.Also found this extension...


...but this also dosen't work and I still need to re-load manually.

Question: Is there no settings to enable to auto re-load the extenion itself in brave?

Question2: Is it possible to install a CRX extension file manually anyhow without to unpack it?Just want that Brave does handle my CRX file like I would install it from web store.Is that doable?Thanks.


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Hi guys,

I have another little questions about cookies.Is there any cookie AddOn/Extension to get where I can control cookies?So the most of use know the uBlockOrigin AddOn where the user can set many diffrent custom rules to allow / prevent / redirect specific resources.This AddOn is great and now I thought to find some similar AddOn for cookies.Are there any who can do that?I would like to prevent specific cookie from specific hosts and also wanna store/load specific cookies for specific hosts etc.Something like that.I don't just allow or prevent cookies at all you know so I would like to customize.Lets have a look at goog&YT.If you want to use any service then it will ask you about cookies (NAG) where you can press accept / setup.I don't like that NAG to see it everytime if I restart browser or just delete my cookies etc you know.So in that case I would like to set a custom rule to set a manually cookie each time if I visit YT/Goog host.

Example: Just something like that / uBO style...


...in this case the AddOn should allow or SET that specific cookie for the set domains and if CookieValue parameter is present (like above) then it should set that cookie with the set value.In this case just YES+cb so thats the minimum value to allow that cookie / bypass NAG.

Allow cookie / Set cookies / Prevent cookies.Not sure whether its a good idea but if I would had a AddOn/Extension where I could do that then I would do that.Is there any AddOn what can do that or is it just a bad idea I had? :)


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I use Cookie AutoDelete which has options for a greylist where cookies which last until browser restart or a whitelist which are never cleaned

Any cookies not in grey or white lists can be auto deleted on domain or tab changes




I find this works well for my needs where selected sites with logins or activity like YT can be added to whitelist and everything else auto deleted

Although this plugin does not deny cookies from being created there are others that do such as Cookie Ripper


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