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Looking for a extern offline html reader

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Hi guys,

I'am looking for a html reader tool which works similar like a browser to show the html content I did save in my html files.The tool should also have a file panel to show all html files similar like the bookmark panel in Firefox but for that tool I need just to access extern html files from a folder etc (don't need internet) and the tool should also have a highlight function for word lists similar like the "Hightlight This" AddOn can do.The problem is that I could not find any tool like this yet. :( I wanna show you an image...


....which I made in Firefox.So its already working so how I'am looking for but I can not add extern html files like html files from browsing itself.So I could if just drag a folder into bookmark list itself but then I just get a index list in browser itself to see and not in panel where I could navigate quickly to load files by selecting.Its pretty un-nice.Now I would like to ask whether there are already any tools who can do this what I am looking for?All in all I just need 3 functions.

- Showing left panel to show all html files in a folder
- loading selected html content next to panel like in browser
- Highlight all words in word list I can add etc

As I said, I don't need internet for that app and wanna use it offline / standalone / simple reader tool.

On internet I found that source...


HtmlViewer-11.9\Demos\Compiled Framedemo\FrameDem.exe

...so this tool can load html files and does show them but it dosent have any file panel (only single load possible or drag / drop) and no highlight feature but its pretty tiny & simple.Not sure whether its possible to edit that source to add my extra features.

Otherwise I would try to code something by myself but I don't know what control can load html files etc and how to make that panel etc.Anyway, just asking into the blue whether anyone of you does know any tool what can do that already what I want.Thank you.


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Teddy Rogers

If you not saving (and need to use) JavaScript and other client side assets than HTML you could use something like WinCHM.

Numerous PDF editors can import and categories HTML. Even Word and open source variants can do a similar job...


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Hi Ted,

so its not my goal to compile a single file with all my html pages (yet).I just wanna store them as they are, one by one in folder and just access / load them quickly in any handy tool.Also the tools I found / testet having no word highlight function like I'am looking for.As I said, the functions the tool I want are pretty simple (just 3 functions) but I could not found any public tool yet what can do this.


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