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Free 30 days Youtube downloader lib removed music for rules violation windows build 14393 - all

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please if any one liked my app please try to publish it to your country , 

the person who want inject to this project for profit and want to be add this app group then please pm me 

how it will be ?

answer : u have to sign https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/ windows developer dashboard then just give ur email to inject this project and profit , partner can modify my this app dashboard 

30 days time limited 30 days after premium version will be release the user who are free now they will get premium version free /

premium version future 

1080p with sound and 4k and some more advance ui , 

will update to latest sdk design build 1903 premium version will be available this 

1903 build you get latest theme of windows 10 design app shell function will change .

i always loved windows , and be forever , for me this is the best from first - end , respect to microsoft 

if anyone native code or advance c sharp coder please pm me . i will make u app windows developer partner , you can access all in my in dashboard ,

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