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How to get a sidebar panel in Brave to load local files?

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Hi guys,

just wanna whether its possible to get any sidebar panel to see on the left side to show extern file content which I could load in browser by just a click on it?So in Firefox I can let show the bookmark sidebar and something like that I would like to have also for extern files (local html files).So at the moment I can just load my extern html files via strg+O or using drag / drop method but it would be much nicer to have a sidebar to see all of them etc you know.Just asking whether there is already a way to do that in Brave or maybe you do know any extension for that.Otherwise I still have to use the explorer on left side and make the browser smaller to see both and doing some drag & drop operations.


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what do you mean?

Example: So in Firefox you can press strg+B or strg+H to get the sidebar panel to see showing bookmarks or chronik.Now in bookmarks panel I can click on any link I have added to load it and something like that I wanna have for extern files to show my file Explorer.Lets say I have some folder on my HDD where I have stored many html files which I wanna load in browser on the same way.For this I dont need internet access so the html files just getting loaded local (c:\path\12345.html).At the moment I can just load any extern html via strg+O or using drag / drop but I'am looking for a better method specially if you have many html files to check / read.Now I thought there would be any extension which could maybe do that to make such access & loading quicker and nicer.

Just imagine to read any newspaper for a week = 7 newspapers.On internet you can only read the actually newspaper of the day.Now you do just save all newspapers as html file (in nice readable text format) and you got 7 html files on extern drive / HDD / local.Lets say you do that a month = 30 +/- newspapers and now you wanna access / read them in browser and right for that I need to have any nice panel to see all my extern html files and to choose / load them (no internet needed) in browser to read them = similar as the bookmark panel.In that case I dont need to load one by one via strg+O or using drag / drop you know.All in all a pretty simple task but I found a feature like that not in a browser yet for extern / local html / php etc files I can load in a brwoser.Thats why I'am asking whether there is any extension already what can do that.


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smthing like these :?




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Hi again,

hm, not sure.Maybe its similar as I am looking for but just for html sites only like the bookmarks.If I see it right then the extension does just show a explorer in Browser itself and does open files with specific apps on PC like it does in normal explorer.So this is not what I am looking for.My files / htmls should be loaded in browser like bookmarks = same like panel in Firefox.Should work nice and quickly you know.


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The bad thing in that case is that I have to do it each time 1-1000+ which isn't pretty nice you know.

Otherwise do you know any other tools who can read / show html pages and having a panel for quick selection etc?


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